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Easy Day Lifting But Tough WOD

The air conditioner in the bedroom window is a game changer for these humid nights when it comes to sleeping. I had a great night’s sleep thanks to that magical cooling device. The loud noise of an air conditioner tends to annoy me, but the more tolerable temperature and humidity, more than outweighs that on nights like last night.

While I drank my coffee, I had a bit of an internal debate on how I wanted to approach my squats today. Next week or so, I intend to do my Crossfit total for my birthday. It will be a fun day, and it’s good to have a baseline. I know I am stronger, but not sure if I can use that towards one rep maxes that tend to get into my head. It’s always exciting, so I still want to try. I debated on whether I wanted to do my heavy back squats today, which I am ninety-five percent sure I’d make, or lower the weight and recover a bit for next week. The final decision was that I wanted to go light to just move and recover.

First up for this morning were my back squats. I went with five sets of five of them at one hundred and ninety-five pounds. They felt good and were nice fast lifts. I got through them pretty quickly.

Strict presses were up next for the day. I went with five sets of five of them a light ninety-seven pounds. They felt good and looked good. I got through them pretty easily.

The last lift of the morning was the power cleans. For these, I did five triples today at one hundred and forty-five pounds. These were light for me too, but they felt great. I really felt like I was moving well with them.

A little while after I finished up my lifting and put my weights away, I decided to get a WOD done with for today. I went with another of Street Parking’s summer grind ones with the strongman sandbag. This one was just over the shoulder and strict presses. My bag is still seventy-three pounds until we get some gravel next week, and for the presses I went with ninety-five pounds. While the WOD was tough, I feel like I definitely need to add that weight to the sandbag. It should have been done last week, but the weather wasn’t going to be cooperative enough to let it dry out in the sun. Home Depot or which ever other store we grabbed it from keeps it outside, and it tends to get wet from the rain. I should have probably gone a little heavier with the presses too. It was still a real shoulder burner, but I finished it a bit more quickly than I should have, even with today’s nasty humidity.

It was one of those WODs where I just wasn’t sure where to go with the weight, so I was a little more conservative than I should have been. I don’t regret my choice at all, though. Being a little on the lighter side in a WOD is almost always better in a WOD if there’s a doubt in my opinion. I’d rather underestimate than overestimate. Trust me, I’ve done both plenty of times.

It was a good and successful day despite the heat for me today. We really do need to put that fucking air conditioner in the garage window. It’s only been sitting there for a few weeks now. I even have to move it to do the cleans or deadlifts. I just takes two of us to put it in the window.

Music today was Malignancy.