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Morning Lifting Went OK Then A Rough Sled WOD

Thank god last night was much cooler and the humidity was way down. It was a very refreshing night. I had a great night’s sleep. I had to get under the sheet, and this morning it was almost a bit chilly with the fan on. It’s the perfect kind of weather that I’ll take it for late June.

I got up and drank my coffee. I did my morning ritual of surfing the news a bit and checking my email and that sort of thing. Quickly woke up and was feeling ready to head off into the garage to get the work in.

The back squat were first on the agenda today, and they’re getting a bit up there in weight now. Not really heavy yet, but I was feeling the weight on my back today. I did three sets of five of them at two hundred and forty pounds. It used to be a pretty challenging weight, but it feels great now. I move really well with it, and today wasn’t any different in the regard at all. They were nice, deep and explosive squats. I have really picked up on a powerful drive out of my old sticking spot. I was happy with how these felt for me today.

Next up on today’s list was the bench press, These were light again after last week’s fail, so I only did five sets of five of benching at a hundred and forty-five pounds. I got through them pretty quickly, but they did feel a little tougher than they should have at this weight, especially the earlier sets. I think I just didn’t have the bench lined up right, causing me to be too off center from the rack.

I had good mornings up next, but I ended up deciding to pass on these today. The past couple of days, my lat has been a little off, ever since I tripped and twisted myself on a screw that came out of the wall and was laying on the steps. I felt it slightly with the warm-up using the empty bar, so thought it’s best to pass on them today.

Music my lifting today was Acid Bath.

We Had The Sled Out

This is a picture of our black Rogue Slice Sled in the grass at the edge of a road. It has three blue 45 pound bumper plates on it.

Shortly after that, my girlfriend got home, so then I took the sled out to the alley to do a sled WOD we’ve been wanting to do. That slice sled was a good investment during the pandemic. This spring and summer being drier has been more conducive to using it.

The WOD was simple enough and every bit as brutal as I thought it would be. It was just to pull the sled eight hundred meters. The catch was, starting with minute one, you did ten air squats every minute on the minute. They wanted you to use seventy-five to one hundred percent of your body weight. I went with a hundred and thirty-five on the sled, which was close enough to seventy-five for me. I didn’t know where I should go weight wise, so I cautioned on the lighter side.

I knew it was going to be a grind, but didn’t know how much of one. I will absolutely not deny that it was a brutally tough WOD, but physically so. My heart rate was through the roof, and it felt great that I could keep pushing and not have to worry about degrading form slowing me down. I ended up completing it in just under sixteen minutes. The cut-off was thirty. That tells me I should have probably gone heavier, and next time I will. I enjoyed the mental grind of this one, so I am sure I will be repeating it.