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Did A Longer Endurance WOD This Morning And It Felt Great

This morning, I woke up feeling excellent. I knew as soon as I got up I wanted to get in a longer WOD. It’s been far too long since I’ve done one of Street Parking’s endurance WODs on the old trusty rower, so I looked through the m and picked one out while I was finishing p my coffee..

I understand the methodology as to why it’s done, but so many of them are a source of frustration for me since there’s so many varying parts with varying rests in between the sections. Today I just thought fuck it, I will do my best guess by watching my watch. It has a delay in getting information from the rower, but it’s only a little extra work.

The other source of frustration is I just can’t remember all the parts and have to stop rowing to pick up my phone to look. A normally sighted person could just write it on the board and glance at it, but I’m not one of those people. I thought about printing it, then realized the air from the rower would just blow it around if I forgot to set something on it. I’d still have to stop to pick it up anyway.

I made it work and it turned out okay. I do think I might have missed a part, but I still got an hour of work in, so it’s a good workout. My time was just shorter than I expected.

At the end of the WOD I had about nine thousand meters in. It’s been a long while since I’ve gone over two thousand. My heart rate never got super high and I really didn’t breathe that heavy. They said moderate, so that was what I thought of as moderate. My heart rate recovered really well during the various rest sections too! By the time I was done, my hands were getting blisters from not being used to these longer rowing sessions, but that was expected.

It felt great to just put my head down and go and get some work in. It felt even better that I didn’t feel like I was killing myself to do so. I do that most days and wanted to mix it up today.

After I was done, I ate something and caught up with some news and forums on the computer. My abs kept witching, and it was annoying as Hell. That’s one of the worst places to get the muscles twitching, I think.

I relaxed and watched a few innings of the Phillies’ preseason game today, since it was on TV and I wanted to stretch out on the couch. I know the games don’t mean anything, but it was nice to watch part of a game for the first time since the World Series last fall. For the first time in a few years, I’m looking forward to watching some games this summer, and I’m really hoping that we can manage to take the train to Philly for a game sometime.

Music for today was Alkaloid