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I Can Finally Cycle Dumbbell Cleans Pretty Quickly

I woke up feeling good. I slept surprisingly well after drinking at Joy’s last night. After finishing my coffee, I headed off to the garage gym to do my strict presses fairly early, and they went as well as presses will go for me. I was hesitant a bit with my knee bugging me, so I wasn’t overly aggressive, but they felt good.

After we got the grocery store over with and some other things, we decided to get our bro shit done. Today I was aggressive with those weights as I’ve felt I have been in my comfort zone for too long with these lifts.

I knew it was going to be a good day for me when the dumbbell bench press felt good, and dare I say fairly easy for my for sets of ten using the sixty pound dumbbells? I finished them out, feeling like there’s more in the tank. Out of laziness, I used the same dumbbells for shrugs, and it’s light for them. I just didn’t feel like getting heavier weights out.

Another thing I did today to push out my comfort zone was tried using the forty-five pound dumbbells for the shoulder presses. They felt great to me for the first three sets of ten. The last set was pretty tough, and I made only eight of them I think, but I’ll take it. Shoulder presses are always the lift for me that feel good until they don’t. It’s just like a switch is flipped. They’re also one of those lifts that I am simply far less likely to push myself of that extra weight or rep.

I stuck with the forty pound dumbbells for the curls, as I recently moved up to that weight. They felt good. A little tougher than normal, but that was from pushing all the other weights.

A bit later after much searching for an appropriate WOD to do for me to do today I settled on a death by clean and jerk’s one. I wanted to avoid overdoing it with the fact that my knee’s been bugging me after tripping. I continued with the theme for today and went with what I was least comfortable with. I used the forty pound dumbbells. Those I can’t really drop like the bar or sandbag so that alone makes it more challenging. Another thing is I have not ever been able to get comfortable with the dumbbells for cleans and I still have some hesitation with jerks. The muscle memory really isn’t built up enough, yet.

I finished the round of eight with a good thirty seconds to rest before the round of nine. I was feeling really great with them. That’s when it happened. Around the sixth rep or so of that minute, I caught the edge of my toe with the dumbbell. My feet want to naturally turn out, and I guess it was just enough to pinch the edge of my foot. That didn’t feel good. I stopped then to walk it off and knew I was done but I had a good run and what I’d call a very successful WOD. The videos that I took of some minutes actually looked great and easy. They never felt hard either, though.

Maybe I can consider this dumbbell clean and jerk option for more complex WODs now. More variety is never a bad thing.

Music today was Alice In Chains.