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Fifties For A WOD With Push Presses

After a great night’s sleep last night, I wanted to be uncomfortable with the weight in a WOD this morning.


Broke Out The Fifties For A WOD For The First Time In I Don't Know How Long

I’ve been wanting to break out the heavier dumbbells for a little while now since my wrist has felt better. This morning, I finally did.


Fifties In A WOD For A Change

I slept well last night and woke up wanting to do a WOD with the fifties for a change.


Sometimes I Just Want To Play With Heavier Weight

Every so often, I just want to play with heavier weights in a WOD. I have a few saved just for the purpose that look like the right rep scheme and combination to do that.


Played with the 50s In A WOD This Morning

I’ve been somewhat lazy recently with WODs. Today I wanted to do one and challenge myself with the weight. I dug up an old one that would be a good one to use the fifty pounders for the WOD.


Did My First WOD The Year Using The Assault Bike

This year, my first WOD of the year involved something which still fairly new to me and very uncomfortable. I thought I did pretty well with it, though.


Finished Out The Year By Using The Fifties For A WOD

This year, especially the latter half, I’ve been pushing myself with the dumbbell weight’s in WODs. For most of the movements, I am comfortable enough with them to go to the RX or RX plus weights.


I Can Finally Cycle Dumbbell Cleans Pretty Quickly

Some things I can cycle fast and others not so fast as far as dumbbells are concerned. Today I tried doing them in a death by WOD, and was cycling through the bigger sets easily and much more quickly than I imagined..


WOD With Forty Pound Dumbbells

Today I did last Monday’s WOD but used the RX forty pound dumbbells. I’ve been wanting to get out of my comfort zone with the weight of the dumbbells in WODs when appropriate and that seemed like a good one.