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WOD With Forty Pound Dumbbells

I’ve been wanting to, when it’s appropriate work out of my comfort zone with dumbbell WODS. The Rx weight is typically 40 pounds which I have the strength for but I am just not super comfortable with performing many movements with that weight at this point. The dumbbells are a fairly new tool and stimulus for me.

Last Saturday we did a partner version of a WOD which I chose to use the 40 pound Rx weight for. I knew I’d have a break while Molly worked and I also had the 25 pound one I normally use sitting there in case I needed to switch to a lighter weight. That never happened which I was happy about.

Flash forward to today when I wanted to do Monday’s WOD. Simple enough, 30 rounds of 3 burpees and one lungester (lunge on both legs then thruster.) I did the sandbag version on Monday since I’d done that version twice before so I could get a retest. It went well then.

Being it was only one lungester at a time I figured it was the perfect chance to get a feel for the forty pounds. I expected it to be tougher but it really wasn’t bad. I would have made it at just about the upper end of the time goal had my hamstring not cramped for the last 5 reps. I was really pleased with this given I paced it all out fairly slow since it’s a fairly new dumbbell movement to me. As the reps went on I slowly sped things up as I got more comfortable but not nearly as fast as I’d do with the sandbag or even the barbell if we had a bit more space in the garage.

There’s times when I feel it’s a good idea to get into WODS that are something I can do comfortably and on auto pilot like today. The only way I’ll get better at these particular movements is by doing them.

After the WOD we went for a walk at a nearby park to get some nice sun. Temperature in the seventies on a a cloudless day in November is one you gotta take any opportunities for a sunny and mild day you can. We enjoyed relaxing on the bench for a while just collecting some sun. It was good for us to have peace and quite on our short work but at the same time it was sort of disappointing how few people were out on such a nice day today.

After supper we went to little dippers for some Penn State ice cream. They had the monkey business flavor again so that’s what we ended up with. I think that has been one of my favorite Penn State Creamery flavors this summer.