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Sometimes I Just Want To Play With Heavier Weight

Every so often, I get the urge to push myself differently with a WOD. Those are the times when I want to toss around a heavier weight. Oftentimes, when I’m doing it inside the house, I use a fifty pound dumbbell. If I would like to do it with the bar, then I do it in the backyard, so I can drop it.

I have a handful of older WODs from Street Packing on my favorites list just for the purpose. Hell, a lot of the older ones had heavier weight’s for the RX that were more inline with Crossfit. They call it something else now, I think suggestions or something like that. Isn’t RX or RX plus really just suggestions. Somewhere along the line, “scale” became a bad word for too many people.

Last evening I was feeling pretty good and had that urge to go heavier in a WOD. I had one saved that was just deadlifts and clean and jerks. That one was a perfect opportunity to play with my fifty pound dumbbells. It was a simple and straightforward workout using movements that I am good at and can do any day. I completed the WOD near the lower end of the goal time for a score, so that was a nice feeling too. The past few weeks, I’ve been in a lighter and faster phase with my WODs. It was great to mix things up!

From the brief video I took of the WOD, my form actually looked great with the cleans and jerks. I thought they might get a little sloppy, but never felt it, and the video didn’t show it.