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Played with the 50s In A WOD This Morning

I couldn’t begin to guess why, but I have just been in a pretty big funk recently, at least when it comes to doing WODs. At least I’ve been doing my heavy strength, but when it’s time to do a WOD, I just don’t seem to have the gumption to do it. I haven’t liked the pattern of WODs that have been programmed recently, and that’s not been helpful. There’s been too many with movements that I just don’t do well, or a combination of movements that are just almost impossible to do with our garage’s layout.

Many of the WOD’s I have been doing are old ones that I’ve dug up. Today I did just that. Granted, they don’t usually program one Sunday’s so I have had to hunt down one or use one from my favorites list anyway.

I chose to do one that is an AMRAP of five hang power cleans, five push presses and five squats with hop overs in between. Hop overs are still stupid, but it’s too breezy to try to go outside and do double the single unders. I am going to start doing that once it’s better weather for it. Contrary to what everyone seems to think, hopping over something is nowhere near the same “stimulus” as double unders, at least in my case. I have really tried to get better at them, but it’s a failed experiment at this point. I just can’t get past the lack of body awareness from my uneven vision.

The reason I chose this WOD was for the dumbbell parts. I wanted one that I could challenge myself with the weight and go heavier than I normally do. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I wanted to use the fifty pound dumbbells today for a WOD. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done that. All except for the final round that I was able to complete, the dumbbell portion of the workout was all unbroken reps for me today. Before the squats on the concluding round, I felt a twinge in my knee, so I reset before doing the squats. My toe caught the sandbag I was hopping over before that, and I landed a bit awkwardly. That seems to happen at least once a WOD for me.

Apart from the stupid hopping, the WOD was a good one for me today. I didn’t quite meet the goal of nine rounds, but I was happy with the seven that I did complete. Those dumbbells felt super heavy today, so I took them a little slower and set up more carefully as the WOD went on. This was a WOD for me that was more about being uncomfortable with the weight rather than being a sprint. I did the vault WOD yesterday morning as a sprint, and that was brutal in its own way.

It’s not uncommon for me to use the fifties in a WOD, but today was a more challenging movement combo for me to use them in. Normally, when I use the fifties in a WOD it’s single arm stuff like snatches, or a less continues movement. It felt good to be uncomfortable today.

Music for the WOD was Pearl Jam.