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Did My First WOD The Year Using The Assault Bike

It’s the first day of the year, and I was looking for a WOD to get in the books before it was time to watch the Eagles game. I wanted something that would be different and very uncomfortable. I was thinking of one that was thinking something pretty straightforward so I could get some work in on the assault bike.

Another thing I was thinking would be a good idea is one that I’ve done on the rower at least a couple of times. I thought of that, so I could get a bit of a comparison in how the two machines and how they make me feel, and how manageable the other aspects of the WOD would feel.

The bike is still new to me and if I were to be completely honest not something that I wanted. It came with the runner for Black Friday, so we have it. I tried the bike at the old Crossfit gym years ago and just didn’t like it. It turns out that the one we got is different, and I do like using it. It’s very hard, but that’s what the intention is.

I’ve been taking the time to get some work in on the bike with the endurance WODs and also starting a few regular WODs now with it to introduce some complications. I need to find my rhythm with it and learn to push it and went to hold back a little.

One minor problem that I run into while using this is, like with the rower, I just can’t see the screen without stopping. For rowing, I usually know the distance within a pull or two, but don’t grasp calories. The bike is typically calories in the WODs, unless I’m not remembering correctly. I wish there was a way to connect it to my Garmin watch like the rower, but that doesn’t seem to be possible. I also wish that the assault app didn’t use the typical microscopic and poor contrast like most apps.

The WOD that I chose to do today just a descending ladder of twenty-five, twenty, all the way down to five back squats and then bike for calories. Simple and affective. I went with the sandbag after for a lighter load instead of the normal RX plus weight I’d normally use. I had done my fairly heavy back squats earlier and my knee seemed to be bugging me a bit. Besides that, my goal was to get a feel for the bike in this WOD.

I completed the WOD a minute or two beyond the goal time, but I mostly expected that. My heart rate got nice and high, and I got a good workout in. More importantly, I feel like I’m starting to get an idea of how to pace the bike and where I am in calories. Not like I am on the rower, but that’s going to take time to learn to translate effort into calories on a new machine to me. I am thinking that the bike will end up being a great addition, at least for me. I feel like I am more able and willing to push it on the bike than do on the rower..