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Twenty Rep Squats, Deadlifts And A WOD

I had actually had a great night’s sleep last night. My resting heart rate hit 51 again as I’m well recovered and my body battery hit 100% for the first time in who knows how long. I did wake up a bit chilly as I’d fallen asleep only being under a sheet. It cooled off a bit in here last night.

I had fun with Brooke this morning. She loves unicorns so I bought a bag of unicorn erasers since she needed some erases. She had that big ass smile and spent a good 45 minutes opening them all up. lining them up and of course arranging them by color then counting them. She asked if she could give one to her neighbor then her sisters and her friend at school!

I was feeling pretty good so I quickly got changed and headed out to the garage after she left to get at my twenty rep squats. The warm up sets and reps felt great. So much better than yesterday’s squats and a million times better than I expected them to feel today. I took my time and enjoyed some rest between the sets and of course sung along with Alice In Chains in my head.

The working set for my twenty reps was 225 pounds. It definitely felt heavy but at the same time it didn’t feel heavy. I don’t know how to explain it. I took them a bit slower between reps than I thought was necessary only to make sure my lats didn’t get angry again like they were yesterday. I found the reps physically easy and they all looked nice and text book like. I was doing super deep and explosive reps. Mentally it was challenging just knowing that the weight was pretty heavy on my back and the fact that my heart rate was super jacked but them as it should be. It’s a lot of hard work in a short period of time. Around rep 17 my brain tried to shut it down and I paused at the bottom. I wasn’t letting it happen so I stood it up. The video showed a nice clean and very explosive pause squat.

I rested for a couple of hours since my legs felt like those squats I did took all the energy out of them. I decided to give street Parking’s deadlift program a shot today. It’s the best day this week I have to squeeze it in and I figured if worse comes to worse I could just stop and walk away. For that I did an easy 220 pounds for two sets of five. Then I did 250 pounds for three triples. Much to my surprise they felt really great today and looked even better. I would say they were easy today, even the heavier sets and never felt like I was struggling at all. By the time I was finished though my legs felt completely dead to the world.

When Molly got home we did today’s WOD after she rested a while from work. The WOD was a bunch or renegade rows (I suck at these) and alternating dumbbell power snatches. I said I would try to do it but didn’t know how it would go with my legs being shot. Because of the way I was feeling I scaled the weight back to the 25 pound dumbbells instead of the RX weighted 40s I normally would use.

The renegade rows were slower and tougher than they normally are for me. I think my core being still wrecked from earlier is a factor in that. I plugged away at them taking more frequent short rests than I normally would.

The power snatches is where I made up the time. The weight at 25 pounds was much lighter than I normally use which is either 35 pounds out of laziness or the 40s if I feel like getting them out. I got through the 16 reps of the alternating snatches probably in less that 30 seconds around. For some unknown to me reason I’ve always been able to do the m fast. It felt good to basically maintain a heart rate in the upper 160s once it got up there. I was still able to talk.

Music today was Alice In Chains.

After supper we went for a walk. About 1.18 miles according to my watch. It was a nice cool but not cold evening for the walk through Mount joy. We saw several other people out walking as we passed them which is a good thing. I have no clue where my legs found the energy to go for a walk but it felt great to be out there getting some fresh air.