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Squats Felt Particularly Great Today

Last night I slept okay, but I still woke up feeling exhausted. My head was also stuffy. I was feeling slightly off by the time I got out of bed. I guess the past few days caught up with me between the heat and poor sleep. My body just hasn’t been very well recovered. It has been more of a mental exhaustion than a physical one.

After finishing my coffee, I head out into the garage gym pretty early to get started on my back squats. I had low hopes for them, but there’s no harm in giving them a shot. It was very humid this morning. I was hoping to get them done before it got hot today.

As soon as I got under the bar, I knew it was going to go better than I expected. The empty bar felt great. I was really moving well with the empty bar. As I got into the heavier weights, they helped me move even better, as the weight helped me balance and feel my body’s positions better. I took my time and worked my way up through the lighter sets, just feeling good and enjoying myself.

When I got to the AMRAP set, they were really feeling extra special today. The bar felt light on my shoulder, even at two hundred and fifty pounds. I was hoping for seven or eight reps but got more. The first five felt easy and explosive. Naturally, they got tougher as I got more fatigued, but they still felt great. I got through six and then seven. The eighth rep felt great, and that’s when I knew I was exceeding my goal. At that point, I decided to shoot for ten, and I got the ten reps fairly easily. It’s always so nice when things feel like they are going great. Of course, my legs were dead tired when I was done.

I went light and did a shift workout. I thought that it would be a good one for me to do. I felt so dead tired and wanted to get a quick one in. It was just hang power snatches with a dumbbell and air squats. It was straightforward and got my heart rate up.

Music for the lifting was Alkaloid