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Not Really Feeling It But Strength And A WOD Went Okay Today

I have to admit that I really wasn’t feeling it today. I felt like I didn’t really have the energy to do my strength let alone a WOD. The most likely culprit for me feeling run down the past day or two is being a bit dehydrated. The heat is catching up with me and geocaching a bit in the sun on Saturday didn’t help matters nor did waiting the the car while the girlfriend ran into the store. It didn’t feel too bad until I did. Doing yesterday’s WOD with all the deadlifts has me rundown a bit too I’m sure.

The squats today were luckily a light 205 pounds. They felt pretty good. Looked good too! Form is still improving with each session but they do say practice makes perfect. Considering how they felt and looked great I bumped it up from 3x5 to 5x5 to get in some more volume. A little extra work won’t kill me. I really want to break that 315 1 rep max in September!

Today was also bench press day. Certainly Bench is a weak point for me but it’s definitely improving as I am finally doing it more consistently for the first time in my life. This lift was set to be 3x5 at 165 today but it felt really good so like the squats I added in 2 more sets of 5. I am not good at this particular lift but I really would like to have some nice improvements in it so I am experimenting with more work when possible.

I did the good mornings at 80 pounds today instead of the typical 75 I have been using for months now. I could easily go up more but that’s not the point of doing these. There is too much risk involved. I passed on the pull ups as I have to do the Jackie WOD. I think I am going to wait til tomorrow for that one.

We decided to do a WOD together in the evening. It had gotten nicer outside with a nice breeze and lower humidity than we’ve had in a long time so Molly one she wanted to do. It was 5 rounds of sandbag hop overs, 15 supine toe touches and shoulder to overhead.

The hop overs kill me, I just can’t do them well or fast and can never get a good rhythm with them. They’re way too visual and awkward for me to jump over the sandbag sideways. I don’t really know what’s worse for me. I am undecided if it’s the occasional clipping the edge of the bag with the hop overs or the awkward landing that tends to make my knee feel bruised from the poor spacial awareness I tend to have with this p Articular movement. I do them but have accepted I may never do them well or efficiently. I’ll improve the things I can improve but try not to sweat the things I just can’t control.

The supine toe touches have become relatively easy for me now. They didn’t used to be but they’re not bad now. I did all sets of those unbroken. Of course the 50 pound sandbag shoulder to over head were easy for me. They were all unbroken strict presses other than the ever so slightest dip absorbing the sandbag on the shoulders when I lowered it. My time was pretty slow on this WOD but that was the hop overs’ fault.