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Fun Little No Equipment Required WOD Today

I have been feeling lazy all day today. Finally after watching the SP vault announcement and decided that the WOD wasn’t one for me to do this evening I decided to just do something. I knew I needed to at least do something is more like it.

I looked through the options of the WODs that Street Parking has to offer (there really is a lot to offer for the small price!) I settled on a simple enough back to the basics burpee one that Molly did earlier in the week. I wanted to see how my score would compare to her.

It was just one minute of work and one minute rest of just doing burpees until you accumulated 100. I was off of my goal by a minute. Note to self. Doing nothing but burpees immediately after eating supper may not have been the best of ideas. My intention was to do about 20 each the first two minutes then 25 then wrap up what I need in the fifth minute of work. My could feel my abs starting to spasm and cramp in the third round so I backed off a bit. Eating supper didn’t help but I would venture to guess that yesterdays heavy deadlifts probably have them a bit pissed off along with the rest of my core. I still finished the WOD in 10:55, a few minutes over Molly’s time bat at the lower end of the goal time.

It was a good choice of a a WOD to do for me today. It got my heart rate up pretty good and got me sweating and the blood flowing. Some days that’s good enough.

Music for the WOD was Týr