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Sometimes Counting Is Hard

It used to happen when we went to the Crossfit gym from time to time, and it happens here at home once in a while too. If I wasn’t sure about the count in the gym, I would just have them put work or some snarky comment about how I am unable to count at times. It usually happens when the WOD just doesn’t seem to flow to me.

This morning’s WOD was one of those cases for me where I either lost track of rounds or remembered it wrong. I completed the WOD too quickly compared to the time goal, and I knew hopping over the sandbag for me is slow, so I was positive I messed up somewhere along the line. Sure enough there were six heart rate spikes from my Garmin instead of the seven I should have had to do seven rounds. Sadly, I noticed it after the fact, so I just recorded my score with a note that I shorted the rounds and of course didn’t click RX.

It’s no big deal at all to me, as long as I pointed out that I’d fucked up on my counting. The only reason I might care a little is if the WOD were repeated in the future, I would know I shorted it. The other reason is the case of someone else wondering why my time was so low compared to theirs. While I don’t compare myself or my scores to others, I do like to glance at the whiteboard and see where I stand in the group.

It was different in gym because I knew who I was on a similar level with. There I would strive to be closer to the higher level athletes. I know realistically I wouldn’t be able to catch up with them or let alone beat them, but I tried. I do that here too but not to the same extent.

The important thing is I did at least most of the WOD. I got a good workout in. The workout will help improve my fitness and health, and of course, I felt better after I did it.

It was pretty warm when I did the WOD and raining outside. This made for it being as humid as hell type of workout. I had to be a little careful of how I laid everything out, so I wasn’t slipping on my sweat puddles.

Music for the WOD was Macabre.

Later in the afternoon we did our bro session and that was a pretty successful one. Thankfully, by this time the humidity had broken with the cold front moving through shortly before. I wound up using the 60 pound dumbbells for my bench presses, and they felt pretty good. Maybe a little heavy, but certainly not too heavy or to the point I felt I needed to lower the weight. I used the 75 pound dumbbell for three point rows, and they felt good. A bit heavy, but good. I used the 40s for the other shit.

Music for the bro session was Nevermore