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Bike And Devil Press WOD Today

I slept pretty decently after drinking at Joy’s last night. I only got three, but the bartender last night made them stronger, I think. Another thing is we were up pretty late. I surprised Molly and rented an Alter Bridge live concert thing from Amazon. She loves Myles. I don’t hate him, but I don’t go out of my way to listen to his stuff. I Can’t won’t deny his vocal range, though. I prefer him with Slash. Fortunately, I woke up feeling pretty good and was in the mood to get a longer and tougher WOD in.

First, we had to head to a smaller store, though. Their meat counter isn’t open tomorrow, and it’s so much better than the chain store. Like most things, I prefer to try to avoid chains when possible.

Today’s WOD didn’t look like one I wanted to redo so soon. I did it last weekend. I had been eyeing one up for a few weeks now that I wanted to retest. It was one of the earlier legit WODs that I used, that assault bike, aka the devil bike. It was tough the last time I did it last spring, and then I used twenty-five pounds for the devil presses.

Today I wanted to go all in with it. For one, I wanted to push the intensity with the bike. I’ve gotten more used to doing that and have a better understanding now of how it will affect me in other parts of the workout. Like most things, it comes with practice.

The WOD was fifteen calories on the bike, then 2.4, etc., ascending the ladder of devil presses. I certainly pushed the pace on the bike today, but more importantly, I pushed the weight on the devil presses too. I went all in and used the RX weight of forty pounds.

It has been quite a while since I’ve gone heavier with the devil presses. I have been in a bit of a phase where I’ve been going lighter but faster. Not today, though. These were like hell after the bike. After the first round of two, I knew I was in for a painful day. What could go wrong with doing basically a burpee into a double dumbbell snatch after using the assault bike? They’re a great exercise that I love to hate!

It was a workout that got my heart rate very high and kept it very high for the full twenty minutes of work. My average heart rate was 162 beats per minute, and that includes the period where I guess my belt got confused when I was doing devil presses and registered far too low of a rate. I don’t think it really dropped from the mid-170s to the 130s while I was still working, and I could tell by my pulse that it didn’t. These things aren’t perfect, but they’ve come a long way. After that period, it went back into the mid- to upper 170s and stayed there.

That was a great workout that was really tough. It was both mentally and physically tough. There was a lot of pain involved in it. Not an injurious pain, but a good one when you know you’re pushing out of your comfort zone. It was rewarding afterward but left me wrecked for hours after finishing the workout.

Music for today was Nevermore