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Not Feeling It But Did A WOD Today

Today has gone a bit like too many days since I had coronavirus but I wasn’t really feeling like doing a WOD or much of anything at all. Today is just one of those dark and rainy mid winter days. Started out with freezing rain this morning and now it’s just rain with the temperature in the low 30s. How great it would be to have a nice fireplace on days like this to relax in front of it and read my kindle or something.

Eventually around 2:00 PM I decided to just get my ass in gear and do yesterday’s WOD.

It was row 250, lunges and kettle bell swings. The row was pretty easy. No it was really easy considering it was only a minute’s work compared to my around 2 hours of rowing the other day. My rhythm felt a bit off with the rowing but I didn’t really spend enough time on the rowing machine to really get a chance to find one so I’m good with it.

The lunges were my easy part today. It’s still pretty mind blowing how they’ve clicked and become almost a rest station for me given how I struggled with any form of lunging movement for so many years. I’ll take it!

For the kettle bell swings I did 32kg Russian swings. They usually program overhead but I see no point in going overhead so I tend to stick with heavier eye level swings. Going overhead really adds no value to the movement at all. I do let them go overhead if that’s where the momentum is taking it but I don’t force it. Some days I’m more explosive than others and it just happens. The little rx doesn’t matter that much to me.

I listened to Abnormality for the WOD