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Assault Bike And Air Squats, Mistakes Were Made

I slept pretty good last night. I did have a really messed up dream though that woke me up in the middle of the night thinking WTF? At least I was able to go back to sleep for a bit so it’s not sticking with me as much as it could be today.

I felt pretty good when I got up. While I was drinking my morning coffee, I saw the Key Bridge. It really caught my attention how fast that went down. I know that they have a lot of tension, but it was still pretty surprising. It’s not like it was a small ship that hit it, though.

I also played some Xbox while waiting for the mail and for the banana I ate to digest before going out into the home gym to get my bench press done.

When it was late enough, I headed out and took my time working up the weight. Unlike the past few sessions, the benching really felt good today. My wrist wasn’t bothering me at all, and my shoulder seems to be back at 100 percent. I was enjoying myself while working my way up the weights. The final three-plus AMRAP set was at one hundred and sixty pounds. It wasn’t a heavy weight for me, and it didn’t feel tough at all. I stopped at five reps to not overdo it yet, but I had more in the tank.

Music was Beyond Creation

I relaxed for a few minutes but wanted to get a workout in pretty early this morning, so I could get a shower. I looked at a few until I came up with the bright idea of doing the shift version of the Thanksgiving workout. Instead of the rower, though, I thought I would use the assault bike.

I knew it would be pretty tough, but that was what I was looking for on this day. It was tougher than I expected. The WOD was nothing more than a total of 135 air squats and nine minutes of work on the bike. It was a real quad burner, that’s for sure. My legs were just so full of lactic acid by the end, so I waited to come upstairs. It was a bit slower than the last time I did it on the rower, but I expected it to be slower. I wasn’t overly aggressive with pushing it on the bike. It’s been a little while since I’ve used it. That last section especially sure put my heart rate up, though!

After the first part, I realized that this workout was going to be a painful one. I was thinking maybe mistakes were made when I thought this was a good idea. My legs were burning already.

I guess I didn’t consider that I did my back squats yesterday and then literally destroyed my legs with the heavy sandbag. The WOD got done, but it was more challenging than I thought it would be. I liked doing it this way a lot. It’s something I will have to keep in the back of my mind to do when the daily WOD isn’t something I feel I’d get much out of. It was a great workout!