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Extremely Busy Day In The Home Gym Today

Fairly early this morning I decided to get off my ass and work on my strength for today. If I were to be one hundred percent honest I really wasn’t feeling it at all today, not even a little. The reason that I have been having so much success is that I am doing my stuff even when I don’t feel like it unless I have a truly valid reason.

I started out with three sets of five front squats at a still nice and light 180 pounds. These felt good, really good today. We got a theragun last night and I used it on my calfs, hamstrings and feet and I thought I was mobile before but today I felt better than ever as far as mobility is concerned. I just felt and looked like I was moving really well today.

Next I had strict presses. The original weight for today as to be a fairly heavy 127 pounds but given my side issues earlier in the week I thought it would be smart to lower the weight to 95 pounds and see how it went and more importantly how it felt later. I did the 95 pounds for three sets of five and they felt really great today. The weight was light so it should have felt good but there was something special today about my lockout. It’s been improved but for years it was soft. Not anymore.

Finally I had power cleans. I was to do 175 pounds but used common sense and lowered it back to 145 pounds to see how I felt now and later with them. They felt great today. My weight will get back up there in no time at all.

The music for my strength was some old school Temple Of The Dog

When Molly got home we did our bro shit together. That felt really great. Once again I used the 50 pound dumbbells for the bench press. I certainly could go heavier and have but I went with the 50 for five sets of ten with my side issues earlier in the week and the vault WOD which I will likely want to get done and logged this evening. We just really have been enjoying doing this together.

We listened to Tempe Of The Dog for this.

For supper we got food and adult slushies from Joy’s as we’ve been doing for takeout. I had a burger which was great and their pretzel appetizer and onion rings with dip are amazing.

After watching Street Parking’s vault WOD announcement I decided I wanted to just do the row version of it today and get it over with.

I did the row 500 meter a around version using the sandbag for the lunge + lunge + back squat complexes. The complexes were tough but I really liked them. I did and can do the v ups now. Those were another thing like the lunges that for years I struggled with but for some mysterious reason they suddenly clicked and I can manage them now. Toes to bar wouldn’t work here with our low ceiling and low pull up bar. I could have done knees to elbows but the last thing I needed to do was tear up my hands or worse yet, slip off the bar in my slightly buzzed state tonight.

I’m hoping to attempt the barbell version sometime with the run instead of the row when the weather’s agreeable to it. Today wasn’t bad but it was pretty windy and this late in the evening the sun is just too low in the sky and blinds me due to the light’s refraction on my cloudy cornea.

My music for this was Sickening Horror