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Great To Really Push My Heart Rate In A WOD Today

It’s been a while since I’ve really been able to push my heart rate through the roof during a WOD. Between the heat and humidity, not to mention the sweaty hands, it’s been tough to go all out. Not only that, but it’s been a chore to hunt down WODs that would be a good workout for me to do so. Lately, the WODs they’ve been programming have either had a slow movements for me or an overly complicated rep scheme.

The WOD was pretty simple but still painful. It was a reverse ladder WOD of sandbag power cleans, thrusters, and burpees over the sandbag. My sandbag was fifty pounds, which was a bit under the suggested weight for the WOD, but it served its purpose. The handle is pulling away, so I would prefer not to add more weight to the bag at this point. I’ve used it for several years, so it’s just wear and tear. I’m at least considering picking up a new sandbag in the future. Maybe I’ll try a rogue one next time.

Lets get back on the subject of the WOD now. The ladder was from ten down to one of each movement. One thing I’m sure of is I came out too hot in the beginning and crashed a bit trying to get through the round of nine unbroken. With the summer heat and humidity I’ve gotten used to smaller sets to dry the sweat off my hands but we’re not in that sort of weather these days. It was in the fifties when I did the WOD, Hell I wore pants.

I did back off a little on the bigger sets of thrusters and cleans, breaking between each movement to get a breather. The burpees over the sandbag were slow but mental. It’s a tight space to do them in. I have kicked my foot into the bench in the past; it doesn’t feel good.

At least as far as cardio was concerned, my heart rate rose fast and high. By the end of the WOD it was holding steady at the lower end of the hundred and eight beats per minute area. I was breathing pretty heavy, but it didn’t feel that bad. It was more of a muscular endurance thing than cardio. That makes me feel pretty good about my health, even though I’ve been slacking off on WODs a little lately. It was tough, but I kept moving.

Sure, I didn’t meet the goal, mainly due to my vision and less than ideal space, but it was a satisfying and rewarding WOD for me today. It’s not always about comparing myself to others. I know my limits and what I’m good at. This was more thinking about how I couldn’t get through a warm up when I started boot camp. I’ve come a long way since then. It was wonderful to get a very intense WOD in for a change. I need to work on that more often now that the weather is cooler.

Today’s music was Nile