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Switched Up Equipment In Today's WOD

This morning I woke up feeling great and refreshed. It was a chilly morning in the house, but not terrible. I enjoyed my coffee and got caught up on the news and stuff.

After I got the mail, I got changed and decided that it was as good as any time to head out into the garage gym and get today’s work done. First on my to-do list for this morning was my deadlifts. The warm-ups all actually felt great. I worked my way up through the weights quickly and got to my AMRAP set at two hundred and forty-five pounds. Like I did with the squats, I decided ahead of time that I was going to stop at the programmed five reps for this week. I also decided it was a good idea to skip the twenty reps to allow my body a little longer to recover from being sick. One week won’t kill me.

The working set at two forty-five felt and looked great. I left plenty in the tank today, but I had to stick to my plan. I did my best to make sure they were perfect reps. It’s not as if I allow my reps to get sloppy, but today I was really focused on doing it right since I knew I was cutting it short.

When I wrapped things up with my deadlifts, I put my stuff away. I figured I was dressed for it and warmed up, so I might as well get the WOD for today done with two. I knew it was going to be a challenging one and with the way, I wanted to do it I was going to make it even tougher. It was one of those cases that I was afraid that I’d second guess it if I waited around too long.

I started off with the four hundred meters running on the air runner. That wasn’t too bad, surprisingly. I did notice that my legs were still dead from my deadlifts, but that wasn’t going to get any better with this WOD. The only thing I could do was, I just put my head down and did the best I could to get through it. I had a couple of missteps, but not too many. I’m picking up running on this thing more quickly that I expected.

Subsequently, I moved on to the fifty front squats. Today used the sandbag since I knew my focus was on the other aspects of this WOD, so I wanted to be able to just drop the weight. I picked away at these in smaller sets than I normally would. My legs were just shot. Eventually, I moved on.

The second machine part of the WOD, I switched to the assault bike and did the thirty calories on that. This I seemed to have a good, steady pace on. I have no idea how or why I’ve picked up that ability on the bike, but it’s there. I think it took my about two minutes on there.

After finishing that, I moved on to the squat cleans. My legs were really shot by this time, but I got through these faster than the front squats at least. It certainly was helpful that I knew I wasn’t getting back on the bike.

The last section I did was the five hundred meter row. I’ve been neglecting the rower since we got the bike and treadmill. New toys, you know? Besides, I wanted to get practice on those new toys, since I am in no way comfortable with them yet.

I completed the WOD, missing the goal by a few minutes. That was fine for today. The WOD was challenging in its own way and I wanted to have a little fun switching it up. It was a good way to keep an otherwise boring WOD interesting. Today, my heart rate got higher and maintained a higher bpm than I have done in a long time.

Music for today was Orange Goblin