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Second Vault WOD Of 2023 Done

This week’s vault WOD wasn’t one that I was really looking forward to at all. I don’t have to like them all. It was one of those that you do this, that and the other ever certain number of minutes. That just disrupts the flow for me.

The first round I did great. I felt great. When I got to the third round, the dry air started hitting me pretty hard, and the residual cough from being sick is still there a little. I really wanted to avoid getting that Fran cough from the combination of the two, so I did back off a little. I bare made that round in the time and got time capped on that final round, but I was okay with that.

The eight presses for me were the easiest part. I used seventy-five pounds today, but probably should go with ninety-five on most days.

The second movement was twenty burpees. These felt good enough. I didn’t know if my head would get stuffier getting up and down off the floor, but didn’t really seem to make a difference. I got through the twenty of those in a bit a minute, except for the final round because I was holding back a bit.

The fourteen pull-ups for mere were the hardest part. I could have gone with a lower number of strict, but I thought that would be just as slow, so I went with the full number of kipping ones. I don’t understand why I bother to do that with the low bar and ceiling, so I have to do them with my legs bent, but I do mix them in every so often. My kipping is still mostly strict due to that.

At the end of the WOD, it felt great to have gotten a good one in with nearly normal full intensity. My heart rate got into the middle hundred and seventies and dropped like a rock back into the eighties shortly after I stopped. Even though I had COVID before and was fine after it, I was still concerned.