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Much Better Day In The Garage Today

Last night, I slept really well again. I only woke up just before 4:00 AM to piss and take my thyroid pill. I was able to catch a little more sleep after that too!

A little after five, I woke up and was awake, so I got out of bed to get started with my day. I enjoyed my coffee while browsing the web and was feeling pretty unenthusiastic about getting out into the garage to get at my deadlifts. I just was feeling more energetic today.

I ate a bowl of oatmeal this morning to give me some energy for my heavyish deadlifts. I ate it while waiting for the mail to get here and stuff. By the time the mail got here, the sky was starting to clear up, with some filtered sunshine coming in the large garage window. I thought that was a good sign that I should get changed and get started with my deadlifts.

I started out with my lighter sets for waRming up aNd I noticed I was feeling a lot better today. My legs and basically whole body weren’t feeling like dead weight. I was moving well with them and feeling strong today. Yesterday was the exact opposite feeling.

The heavier sets also felt great. This week was the triples, with the final set being three plus reps. That last set was a pretty heavy for me, two hundred and seventy pounds. Between it being fairly heavy and the way I felt yesterday I wasn’t aggressive with the reps at all or at least trying to get more. I got a fairly easy set of four, but stopped there for today. There was more in the tank, but I chose to stop there.

I relaxed a little and hunted down a WOD to do today. I would have liked to have taken the sled out, but the barrel guys were busy back in the ally. With them throwing the barrels around and leaving trucks idle, I just can’t hear if there’s traffic.

I found an older WOD that looked interesting to me for today. For today, I wanted something that was challenging, but maybe not a super long burner. I didn’t feel like testing those waters today after being so burnt out yesterday.

The one I found was a death by one. Who doesn’t love that format of a WOD? They’re always fun, and they feel okay until they don’t. This one was every ninety seconds do one dumbbell deadlift, one dumbbell hang power clean and one dumbbell squat. This felt great today and got my heart rate up pretty high from the middle on. Not at that, my heart feels like it’s going to explode high but a maintainable but challenging intensity. I made it through the round of nine, and that’s where I stooped. That was at the bottom end of the goal. I could have gotten at least one more round in and probably two or three, but I chose not to overdo it today.

It was a good WOD and I felt great after finishing it. I went and ate some tuna for lunch, then grabbed the cushions and relaxed in the bright sunshine on the patio. It was a little breezy but in the upper sixties, so it would have been stupid not to take some fresh air in. Did I mention I had the window open in the house for a few hours to let some fresh air in?

It was near seventy when Molly got home. She wanted to play with the sled! The sun was at too low of an angle for me to safely see with traffic, so I chose not to, but it was nice to watch her suffer and take in more sunshine.

I think my legs got a bit sunburned today.

Music for my strength and WOD today was Alice In ChaIns.