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Surprisingly, Good Day In The Garage Today

I woke up this morning feeling surprisingly good and well rested. I really didn’t anticipate having a good day in the garage today. The Eagles played last night, so I was up pretty late. It was a good game and entertaining to watch. The Eagles having such a stacked team definitely makes it fun to be a fan this year. They beat the Cowboys and are still undefeated so that helps too!

After I got the mail, I decided to get changed and think about getting started with my 5/3/1 squats this morning. I had debated if I wanted to take a week’s deload cycle or continue all. I decided to continue on, since I started fairly light and conservative with my max.

The squats weren’t too heavy today given it’s the first week, The warm-ups all felt excellent. My knees were sounding like rice krispies, but no pain, so I kept moving along. I pissed off my knee the other day, once again tripping on the shitty sidewalks in this town. The final AMRAP set at five plus was up to two hundred and forty-five pounds. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem since I have done it for twenty in the past, and it went as well as I expected. I wasn’t super aggressive because I want to stop before they slow down and made eight reps. It felt a lot slower than it looked. After I saw the video, I was wishing that I went for at least ten. Oh, well. My heart rate sure got jacked up.

After that, I lowered down the weight to the programmed hundred and ninety pounds for my widow maker set. I stuck with this template because I really felt that the volume of the twenty rep squats helped me a ton with my lifts. These felt pretty easy, but that’s I expected the fairly light weight to feel.

A little while later, I decided to give a WOD a shot. I went with one from later this week that was empty barbell thrusters and rowing. The sets of twenty thrusters weren’t too bad but after the three minutes of rest, was supposed to be four, but I fucked up and remembered the wrong time was a bigger set. That set of fifty was pretty tough to get through. I guess the main reason ins I just haven’t done them in so long. The empty bar is so light, it’s a little harder to control and get it in the right positions. I still made the goal and got a really great workout from it.

Music today was Dio.