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Seven Squats At 270 This Morning

Last night, I slept really well. I woke up feeling great and was pretty excited to get out into the home gym and lift. I spent a good portion of the time between when I woke up and went out there debating whether I wanted to go for a max or do another cycle of 5/3/1. In the end, I settled on doing another cycle at some point while I was enjoying my coffee.

I heard the barrel guys out back before it got light, and then I heard the next door dipshits being themselves, so I was ready to head out into the garage at about 8:00 AM. I didn’t expect any failures with the weight unless I had an injury or something, so I wasn’t overly concerned about noise. Deadlifts are the lift that I care about most noise-wise and, of course, cleans because, by nature, they hit the floor hard sometimes. Squats aren’t an issue unless I bail, then it hits the safeties loudly. Ideally with 5/3/1 I don’t reach the point where I fail

Getting under the bar for the warm-up sets really confirmed to me that I was going to have a good day. The bar was feeling light and moving really well. I was having fun with it and taking my good old time working my way up through the weight. As the weights increased, they felt better.

The final working set for me this morning was the five-plus AMRAP set at two hundred and seventy pounds. That weight used to really get in my head, but today I was excited to knock it out. As soon as I unracked the barbell and it felt light, I knew it would be a great day. The first five reps were effortless. The next two were a little more challenging, but still easy overall. I only stopped at the seventh one because cardio was catching me. The seven reps that I made were a lifetime PR. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that! These higher rep sets are the hardest ones for me to improve on.

The best part about it, though, is that Molly was home today. She got to watch me. Normally, she doesn’t because I like to get my lifts done in the morning.

I never did get an actual WOD in. We had too much running around to do, and when we got home, I didn’t feel like it. Being at the mall just has me burned out. We will be heading to Joy’s this evening. I think that I should have an extra drink or two to prepare myself for the Eagles game. Mostly, I just hope they rip the band aide off tonight and lose. There’s something going on with that team, and I am sure it’s not fixed yet. At the very least, they need to get new offensive and defensive coordinators. It’s obvious the offense isn’t on the right page or getting used correctly with the talent they have. Defense has just been a steaming pile of shit.

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