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Decided To Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

Last night we were at Joy’s and drank so, of course, I slept poorly. The worst is I woke up super early too. Even with the crappy sleep, I woke up and was ready to get the WOD in right away.

The regular versions of the vault WOD are out of the picture for at least a day or two, since I did a shit ton of pull-ups yesterday in an older WOD. The burpee fifty pull-ups wouldn’t have been too kind to my hands. They’re not used to gripping the bar and the bitched up tape on the bar that Molly uses made them sticky, which helped them feel a bit raw. Not torn like the Crossfit memes. Just raw. I’d see no need to tear them. That’s just a sign of stupidity, not toughness.

Rather than pull-ups, the shift version had inverted rows instead of the pull-ups. For those, I did ring rows because I don’t have a lot of trust that I won’t pull the bar out of the jcup. I don’t want the forty-five pound bar bouncing off my face. 😆 I did the ring rows as horizontal as I could. That part had just the burpees.

For the second part of the WOD, they wanted low jumps or jump overs in place of the burpee box jumps. That’s where I got out of my comfort zone. I took the jumping literally and jumped over Molly’s small plyo box. I have jumped clear over a regular sized box a few times in the past. It’s just the risk versus benefits idea that stops me often times, and I really don’t think I need to be jumping at least once a week for high reps. Today I wanted to jump over the box and did so with ease. It was mentally hard focusing on getting

I really do love jumping, on, over and from things. It brings out the kid in me. I always did that stuff growing up. As an adult, I realize the risk involved in that given the fact that I’m visually impaired, so I tend to shy away from it. I do this for my health. It was a blast jumping this morning!

I enjoyed the WOD more than I thought I would. I did what I wanted to do to make it fun for me too! Now I am looking forward to doing the regular version when I think it’s a good idea to do it. I wanted to get shift done and get a score in for the vault in case something comes up. It will be the sort of WOD I have to do when I’m feeling it. The box will have to be taken outside for me to do the burpee box jumps, and that really depends on the weather more than anything. The ideal day would be a dry but cloudy day so the sun’s not playing tricks on my eyes with shadows.

When it’s very sunny the shadows really can mess with my depth perception with only really using one eye to see. Box jumps are not a good thing to, while not being able to get lined up right or whatever. That’s how I miss them. I’ll go off the side or over jump and fall off the far side.

While I was jumping over the box, I was making frog sounds, since Molly thought that was funny when she said that the arms look like a frog’s legs when lifting overhead. I laughed and said shit I should have worn my green sea creature thing to fuck with her, but it was already in the wash from yesterday.

The music today was Candlemass.