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I Walked Away From A WOD Today

It’s not often but sometimes I bomb a WOD. Today was one of those WODS. I got bogged down for several reason really but when you try to push yourself you will fail sometimes.

The WOD itself was simple enough. 100 sandbag thrusters and for the extra challenge version of it that I did I was to do six sandbag over the shoulders every minute on the minute beginning at 1:00. Keep that up until 100 thrusters were accumulated. I chose to do the extra sandbag over the shoulders to slow me down knowing I can fly through thrusters. They’re a thing where I can just embrace the pain and go.

I started off great getting 20ish thrusters done the first minute and allowing myself a few seconds to rest before performing my first set of over the shoulders. I got bogged down more than I expected tossing the sand bag over my shoulders. I didn’t take into account how much my vision slows me down with them. Given the sandbag lands at different angles and distances it takes me a few seconds to feel how it’s set up and our narrow space doesn’t help at all.

The second or maybe the third time I did the thrusters, I can’t remember for sure which one it was, is where I lost the WOD though. I pulled the sandbag directly down into my face and tasted a little blood. I still tried to keep up but as time went on more and more was going wrong as I’d lost my focus. I really did try to finish it but about 14 minutes in when I knew I wasn’t going to make the goal I just walked away. It was just one of those days where the right choice was to just stop.

At least two rounds I ate up too much time trying to get the sandbag handles by feel to do the thrusters. The fact that the over the shoulders were eating 30 seconds or more didn’t leave me with much time left per minute to do the thrusters. I can do them fast but I didn’t have enough time to get set up for a good run at 8 to 10 per minute like I wanted to do. The over the shoulders just slowed me down much more than I expected they would.

I can’t say that it doesn’t frustrate me because it really does in situations like there where it’s my vision that hurts me in a WOD but I have to accept it. I can’t improve my vision so there’s nothing to gain by letting it get to me. Even though I didn’t put in a score I got a great workout in and that’s the most important part for me as always.

Music for the WOD was Deeds Of Flesh