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Strength And A WOD Done

I turned my 3 x 5 back squats into paused ones again today since it was only 200 pounds. I am hoping history for me repeats itself an as it did in the past the paused squats help me get stronger in the sticking point. Not using any bounce really seems to help me out of the hole. Another nice thing about the paused squats is the help remind me how to stay more up right and push my knees forward forward and out coming out of the bottom rather than my ass shooting up and trying to get me out of good position.

They felt good today. Not the easiest but they felt good enough considering the sandbag runs yesterday with the heavier sandbag. That left my ankle a little angry but it was fine for my squats.

The bench press went quite well by my standards at 165. Bench is such a weak and mental lift for me but I’ve been doing it once a week now for a few months and it’s definitely feeling better. It was supposed to be 3 x 5 but I did a couple of extra sets since it was pretty light and felt good. I honestly don’t care if I never get big numbers on the bench press but improvement is a good thing for sure. The lift it self is just not that important to me.

The 20 rep front squats felt good today. I got them done at 145 pounds and other than my ankle still being somewhat angry from yesterday they felt and looked good. I guess technically it was 21 rep front squats to today because my ability to count wasn’t there so much with the headache and pressure in my head from the stuffy nose and worse up around my ear making me feel pretty funky.

Do the the funky feeling in my head I passed on the good mornings since they’re not a movement I’m super comfortable with my form. The stuffy head was making me feel a little off balance so I figured that would cause me to favor one side a bit and end up possibly twisting my back. That wouldn’t be in any way productive for my personal goals. I certainly could have done it but just felt it might be too risky today.

After recovering a while and eating something for lunch I decided to tackle tomorrow’s WOD. It was programmed as 30-20-10 of sandbag back squats (they actually stayed at 30) and supine to touches to the sandbag and box jumps. Feeling funky like I did and given the slightly angry ankle I decided to scale to the step ups. High reps of box jumps while I can do them don’t really add much for me. The WOD went very well and I got done a bit ahead of they’re goal time so I was happy with it. The toe touches were all unbroken and back squats were without putting the sandbag down. The step ups were slower than they would be for most people but my vision slows me down on them and I was being overly cautious with the slightly dizziness from stuffy ears. I did it to the best of my ability on this day and that’s the goal.

Later on Molly did the sandbag WOD I did yesterday in the evening when she got home from work. I did the 200 hundred meter runs with her to encourage her to keep going.

Not long after that it was a salad and burgers on the grill for supper. all in all it was great day. I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight with the nice reality dry and cool air after the past few humid days