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Guess Yesterday Took A Lot Out Of Me

I slept good last night, but did wake up a couple of times. This morning when I woke up I felt like I wasn’t ready to wake up, but I must have been dreaming before I did, I just left me feeling perturbed. I didn’t remember anything about dreaming, but that feeling was just there. I tried to go back to sleep with no success.

I got up and drank my coffee and thought about whether I wanted to try my strict presses today. I browsed the web a bit and got finished with my coffee right about the time the email got here. Brought that in, then got changed to head out into the garage gym.

I ended up deciding to give my strict presses a go. While warming up, I wasn’t too sure of my decision because they felt tougher than they should have at first, but as the weight increased they felt better. Today was my last AMRAP at the heaviest weight for my 5/3/1 cycle, so I wanted to get that done before tomorrow in case I wanted to do the vault WOD.

The final PR set actually felt great for the double at a hundred and forty pounds. It was not a PR, but I will take it. I’m just feeling physically tired today, but the two presses I made looked and felt great. I did go for a third one, but I pushed it forward and out of position a bit, so that was where it ended. Of course, II will never be disappointed, hitting above my old max from all but the last few months that I was at Crossfit Trinium.

After relaxing a few minutes I figured it was a good idea to just get right at a WOD if I was going to do one given the way, I am, feeling today. Today’s WOD looked like a waste of my time. I settled on one from last year that I stumbled on yesterday.

The WOD started off with sixty calories on the bike. I can’t overstate how badly I wanted to quit that after just fifteen seconds. My legs did not to want to push the bike. They really didn’t want to go. I kept the pace a little slower and put up the fight to finish it.

Once I finished with the bike portion, I had to go out into the garages to get the fifty sandbag power cleans done. These too were slower today than they’d be on a normal day. Maybe slower isn’t the right term. They were broken into smaller sets than usual. Normally with nothing to do after them, I would have done sets of twenty-five or even unbroken, but today I went fifteen, fifteen, and ten. It made sense today.

It was a simple WOD that fit the bill for today. I was slower than I should have been and didn’t make the goal, but I did something. Ironically, the shirt I wore today says, “Do Something.” I was a good four minutes off from the last time I did this WOD, but that’s okay. Even on a good day, I think the bike would be a minute or two slower than the row would be for me. It’s getting better, but it’s a process I have to trust.

The worst thing is my heart rate wasn’t recorded very well. The nature of the movements flexes the wrist, so the watch isn’t that great in those situations. My chest strap never picked up my heart rate until near the end of the WOD. I guess it’s just dry, and I was for some odd reason not sweating that much until near the end. I got a decent workout in regardless, and I am happy I did something rather than nothing.

Music Today was Candlemass