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That WOD was Tougher Than I Expected

I woke up this morning feeling decent enough. I didn’t have enough sleep last night and woke up too early, and slept weird last night. There were a few times when I woke up after having vivid and funky dreams. They were the kind of dreams that I have if I’m sick with a fever or maybe drank the right amount of booze before going to bed. At least I was able to fall back to sleep after pissing and taking my thyroid pill at about 4:00 AM.

When I got up, I enjoyed my coffee. I spent a good portion of the morning doing not much of anything and wasn’t really feeling a WOD. I wanted to do one and knew I should do one, so I looked at a few. It didn’t take me as long as usual to do so, but I settled on doing a workout that’s programmed for later this week. Looking at it, I knew it would be pretty straightforward compared to some of the recent ones they have programmed, and I thought it would not be too hard.

It was all utilizing the sandbag, with no extra bullshit involved. I thought that the 6 reps of cleans, jerks, then cleans and jerks for two rounds wouldn’t be too challenging. During the first round, I realized that it was going to be a lot harder than I expected it to be. Part of what made it more difficult was the fact that my lat is a little angry at me, I am sure that’s from the kettlebell swings tomorrow. That and the dry air made the sandbag handle feel like sandpaper on my hands. It felt like it was shredding my hands, and I kept checking to make sure I wasn’t ripping them.

When I first read the workout, I thought it would take ten to twelve minutes. It took me closer to twenty. I guess, in hindsight, I didn’t take the 6 minutes of rest between each round into account. I think I also treated it as if it were in my mind one set instead of the two times through each complex. I thought for sure I’d go unbroken, and I did so in the first round and only the first round. It really was tougher than I anticipated, but it was a good workout. It really got my heart rate through the roof, and it was mentally challenging to keep pushing through the pain. Isn’t that why I do this style of workout, though. It is. The last couple of rounds, my heart rate stayed up near 170 beats per minute, and there was little if any recovery at all during that minute of rest. It was one of those WODs that felt extra rewarding at the end. This one was one that I really felt like I could push myself with, and that’s exactly what I did. Maybe even a little too much push.

I added it to my favorites and will most definitely be doing this workout again and probably somewhat often. For me, I feel like it would be a pretty decent benchmark daily workout. It’ll be a great one to do when they feel the need to have the pointless movements in the daily WOD like pushup plus drags or things like that. It was such a fun one for me personally but in a painful way.

Music for today was Alkaloid