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Underestimated That WOD

I think that I underestimated today’s WOD a bit. I knew it was going to be a rougher one than one would expect give the ten rounds of hop overs and 6 sandbag bear complexes. The first round of course wasn’t that bad but I’d taken it slower than I needed to so I could feel the WOD out. My theory is usually that my first round is my warm up and I try to stick with it.

By the second round I was maintaining a heart rate in the 150s. Starting with the third round I went all unbroken on the sets of six bear complexes with the sandbag. I guess it was the 8th or 9th I had to drop it once and even out the sandbag as the weight had shifted too far to on side but other than that it was all unbroken.

It wasn’t bad in a way that I ever felt that I wouldn’t be able to finish the WOD sort of way. It was just spiking and maintaining a much higher heart rate that I expected. My max heart rate for today’s workout was 174 which is decently high for me. The average is what surprised me though at the 161. I never felt like it was too high but I felt like a furnace while doing the WOD and a good while after it too. Other than the time or to that I grabbed a quick swig or two of water I didn’t take any breaks at all during workout. I can remember a time n Crossfit where it seems I spent more time walking in circles resting that I did working out. My fitness level was pretty shitty back then but the hard work has really paid off.

I did the WOD in a little bit over the goal time for the ten rounds but that really surprised me with that many hop overs. My brain just seems to be unable to do them over anything with the side to side hoping. It just can’t build the mental map that I need to do and as soon as I do feel like I get a fast rhythm I end up tripping over the sandbag. I’m not even mad about it as I think it’s main cause is poor vision and worse on one side than the other. I’ve learned to accept it as something that I can’t control and just have to work around. I certainly hope I can get it to click someday. I thought that lunges would never click for the same reasons but eventually they did after many years of practice. I left the lunge thing get me frustrated but I won’t let the hop overs get to me. If and when ever they do do fall in to place for me then that’s great! If not that’s okay too. I’m still moving.

Today’s music was Nevermore.