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WOD With Devil Presses

Today I did my first WOD that included devil presses in it in some time. With my arm acting up I’ve been sort of avoiding too much of that sort of movement when I could to let it rest some.

I had signed up for some street parking challenge hoping to maybe be able to encourage my girlfriend. I find challenges to be dumb myself but if it helps her it’s worth it. Really nothing is going to change for me.

This WOD was a test for that challenge so I had to do it. Devil presses, renegade rows and rowing were the movements involved in the WOD. I opted to go for the RX weight but take it slower on the renegade rows and especially the devil presses with what I believe to be a little tendinitis in my arm. It’s tolerable but I have still been taking it somewhat easy on it.

The devil presses and the rows felt better than I thought they might. I knew the 40 pounds is a somewhat challenging weight for me for the devil presses as I’m just not super comfortable with the movement. I figured that the heavier weight would sort of make me think twice about going too fast. It’s a manageable weight but heavy enough for me to know I have to think about each rep and that would allow me the time to feel if my arm was getting worse.

If anything it felt better as I went on. It has me thinking maybe I should try pushing a little bit more. I do know that I tend to be over cautious.

Music for the WOD was Arch Enemy.