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Double WOD Day Yesterday After I did the Vault WOD Last Evening

I had posted yesterday about the first WOD I did and that was a tough one.

We did grab something for supper from two cousins. I got meat ravioli. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. I just didn’t want a sandwich. We drank a glass of wine with that.

We watched the Street Parking vault announcement because they’re usually interesting to watch. This year they’re doing it differently. They brought in a regular member to perform the WOD with one of them. It’s not live anymore, but I like this format.

The WOD was power snatches and box jumps. I decided I wanted to do it last night and get it done. I also wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone with it. The wine may or may not have been helpful with that. I know we have a tight space, but I wanted to do the WOD with the bar and actual box jumps.

For the barbell power snatches, I went with the suggested weight of seventy-five pounds. Today they were extremely fast and explosive. Hell, the first few sets were unbroken. They weren’t as violent as earlier in the week, but I also did that tough WOD about eight hours ago, and I was extremely full from supper a few minutes ago. Later in the WOD they got pretty violent, and it was catching me off guard over head much more quickly than I was expecting. All in all, they actually looked excellent.

My main goal and take away from this WOD was the box jump overs. I haven’t done them in I don’t remember how long due to our tight space. It’s probably been since last spring. Tonight I decided fuck it, I’m going to try them anyway. It helps that we got rid of the low-hanging old florescent light with the tubes I wanted to avoid breaking. Now we have LEDs that are off to the side. I’d broken them as a kid, and that’s not a fun mess to have.

I did the box jump overs with the twenty-inch box to avoid the lowish ceiling, but it was still fun. For some reason, I wasn’t either concerned about the tight space today. Maybe that wine I had with supper was a factor. The thing is, when I miss box jumps, it’s either off the side or completely over to the far edge. Either of those fail methods end up with me hitting the floor and rolling with it. In the garage we don’t have the space to do that without me hitting the wall or rack or worse the bar today. I did the jump overs but took them a bit slower because of that, but got one hell of a workout in. I had no misses or even near misses for that matter.

My score wound up being a little short of the goal but I was happy with it. My goal was to complete the box jumps the whole way through. They’re a fun exercise and good one to do. I still think that they’re way over programmed, but I still wanted to do them today. It’s always fun to do a movement that is a mental block for you.

The Music for the WOD was Nile, Of course.