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Only Thing Worse Than Burpees

I decided to do a WOD today that was programmed for Christmas day. The past couple of days, I’ve been doing WODs that were older to get some time in on the assault bike. It’s going to take some practice to learn how to pace on that thing and how to know when to push it or back off.

The WOD I decided to do today was just burpees and air squats. They mentioned that you could wear a vest for the extra challenge if you could make the goal. Why not? I’m usually up for something that seems like a bad idea.

Not bad as in an injurious way, but in a way that is going to feel unpleasant. There are those times when I am in the mood to get into that dark place. Today was one of those days. I like to get into a WOD sometimes where I really feel like I can’t finish it, but know in my brain I can. It’s just going to really hurt.

I had picked up the weight vest last summer for an irresistibly cheap price from Amazon. If I recall correctly, it was maybe a leftover Prime Day deal. I’ve used in a number of WODs, but haven’t used it recently. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to a couple for a body weight type of WOD but with my elbow bugging me wanted to wait until I wasn’t feeling that any longer.

I did the WOD, and it really did suck more than just regular burpees suck, but I managed to finish it. I wasn’t trying to go too fast and still completed it within the goal time. It really had my legs burning more than anything. I guess it was the combination of the high reps of air squats and the jumping and deep squats that occur with the burpees. The WOD felt as I expected it to. I wanted to quit. I didn’t think I could finish it with the weight vest on, but I kept pushing through the darkness and felt great and accomplished after I was done. It certainly got my heart rate up higher than doing it without weight would have. That’s what I wanted to get out of it.

Originally, I only picked up the vest because it was on sale. The idea of getting one had been in the back of my mind for years, but I just didn’t know if I’d really ever use it. They were always pretty expensive, but the $30 or so that I paid was finally a price that, I thought, was worth taking the gamble on buying one. Now I know that I will use it, so it turned out to be a good investment. Should this one wear out, I’ll definitely replace it with something that’s maybe pricier and a better quality.

The more tools that I have at my disposal, the better. Options and variety are good.

My music choice for the WOD was Slayer