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Fun WOD After A Lazy Few Days

Last week Molly had off, so we had the high hopes of getting out in the woods more than just the one day that we did. The weather wasn’t cooperative with that, but we did have a great day when we got out.

I had sort of a lazy week when it comes to WODS. I had my heavy lifts for the Wendler program and the Crossfit open WOD and Street Packing Vault WOD. Those two I had to do, and that’s all I really did. I just felt that my body needed a little break.

Last night I slept okay, but not great. It is unclear to me why, but I woke up a few times overnight. Probably from eating pretty shitty the past week. Last night we got Harvey’s for supper, which was great as always, but it’s pretty heavy. I also got dessert. The peanut butter pie sounded good, but I think that threw off my sleep a bit. More food and sugar than I’m used to eating is my guess if you’d ask me.

Last week’s Street Parking WODs really didn’t look that interesting to me, so that was a factor in why I really didn’t do anything too. This week has some that look like good ones!

One from later this week really caught my eye, though. It was a sort of choose your adventure type of WOD. You had fifteen minutes to accumulate a certain amount of weight from ground to overhead. For the dumbbell version, it was five thousand pounds for the extra challenge version of the WOD. I knew I had to do that version and went with the fifty pound dumbbells.

I went with alternating dumbbell snatches instead of double dumbbell snatches today, since I wanted to use the heavier ones. I feel like my form gets a little sloppy with double dumbbells at times too, and with that being all, there was to the WOD, I took the most comfortable version of the movement for me. The same with clean and jerks. I still may do it with them later, but I would rather not do that today.

I went with ten sets of ten at a time and got through the WOD with no problem at all, as I expected. The WOD was finished well short of the goal time without really even pushing myself with the snatches. I think I could Probably get under five minutes if I put my head down and went for it. I was halfway through the weight I needed in less than three minutes, when I was breaking much earlier than I needed to.

I added this one to my favorites list before I even did it. It will be a great option to have saved for those days when the WOD they programmed is overly complicated or if I just want to get a quick and dirty one in before doing something else. I am also very much so looking forward to doing the barbell version of it.

Music for today was Abnormality.