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I Did Wall Walks Today For The First Time In Several Years

I did this week’s vault WOD today for street parking. It was one I certainly wasn’t looking forward to because it had wall walks programmed in it. Those are one of those things I really wasn’t able to come close to doing back at the gym. Not even when we had a gymnastics coach there trying to help us with some of the more gymnastics type of stuff.

Today I decided I would give them another try since I noticed a space inside the house with a wall that would be open enough to work if I just pulled a couple of nails we had in it for hanging stuff in the past. I tried one and was shocked how well it went so I went and got changed to do the WOD.

The wall walks went better as time went on. There was a sloppy one or two but this is my first time even attempting a movement that I just plain couldn’t do before. I was shocked at just how stable I was with them. There were only two at a time so that helped and the other movements programmed in the WOD were nothing for me. I could do the dumbbell snatches all day unbroken and air squats are easy enough. It was one of those WODs that I didn’t go for speed at all but thought of it as more of a test WOD or practice WOD. I ended up with 6 rounds so I was happy with it.

Shortly after the WOD and recovering just a few minutes I thought I’d try something else out that I’ve been wanting to attempt for quite some time. I got upside down against the wall, backwards this time and tried a strict handstand push up. I managed to do it and it wasn’t even really all that difficult. I’ll definitely keep doing these now. My shoulders at this point are tighter than in the past but also a lot more stable than they used to be.