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Deadlifts Felt Great On This First Humid Day Of The Spring

Last night, I slept okay. It was humid, though, so I had a little trouble falling asleep at first because of that and another Phillies win. This team has better vibes for me than even 1993 did.

I got woken up this morning by thunder. We didn’t get the core of the storm, but the edge. The lightning was distant, but still pretty nice. We got a little rain, but more than anything, it was just enough rain to wet the ground and make the morning more humid. I enjoyed my coffee while thinking about getting into the garage pretty early today. The Phillies have a day game.

It was about eight o’clock or so when I decided to get changed and get my deadlifts in. Maybe a little later, but the garage was warm and humid.

While warming up, the one thing that I noticed being somewhat of a deterrent to my lifting was my grip. My hands were super sweaty, and that always makes the bar feel as if it wants to slip out of my hand. I am not used to that yet. Other than the sweaty hands, though, the lifts felt great from the start.

As is always the case, as the weight was added, the deadlifts felt better. When it’s super light, it is usually difficult for me to feel my movement, and I overthink things.

Since it is the first week of the cycle, I had to do five or more reps. The weight in today’s program was a moderate two hundred and fifty-five pounds. I stopped at six reps as I felt the bar trying to slip out of my hand, but I felt like I had more in the tank. Today is the first very humid day, so I am not really used to fighting my grip so much, so I chose not to have the bar slip.

I relaxed a little bit and debated on what I wanted to do for a workout today. My stomach was feeling a bit off, but that turned out to be gas. Still, I wanted to get a workout in early today so I could get a shower and just chill and watch the Phillies’ game. It will be nice to not have to stay up to watch the game for a change.

I would rather not mess with the dumbbells with slippery hands, so I settled on one of the endurance workouts on the rower. Sweaty hands were a problem, but I still got it in. I did not go all out on this, and my heart rate not really getting up too much was proof of that. If I feel up to it later, maybe I will get something more intense after the humidity drops a bit. For now, though, it was more about being consistent and not letting the less than ideal weather make me miss a workout. In the past I had fallen into the trap and don’t want that to happen again.f

Music for today was Lykathea Aflame