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I Did My Strength In The Morning Humidity Then A WOD Later

It was humid this morning, very humid. You know when everything feels wet and won’t dry, well that’s how it felt. Sort of like when your down the shore but there is no beach here nor is there a nice refreshing ocean to take a dip in. The dew point and temperature were maybe a degree or two a part at the most. I miss having a personal weather station to see neat information like this. I’m still thinking about the possibility of picking up a new one sometime soon.

Regardless I decided that I had to at least stay consistent with my strength workouts and did that fairly early in the morning. For the squats the bar just felt wet most of the workout. The floor was damp enough to at least feel somewhat slippery too. Thankfully the weights weren’t all that heavy today. It was only 215 pounds I had to back squat. They felt really good. I notice I am able to get deeper again while being more upright and loosing the butt wink. I knew from past experience though that throwing in a few moderate weight paused squats would help immensely with that. They help me be able to sort of push me knees more at the bottom of the squat. My stance has changed a bit in the past couple of years. I’m finding it tends to be a little closer.

Bench press at 170 for three sets of five today felt pretty good. The sweat and humidity were killing me but the lifts themselves looked and felt good. Not bad for a lift I don’t enjoy and that I am not all the comfortable or confident with. I chose to not do any extra sets of those today. The important thing about them now is I am doing them consistently and doing what I can to attack a weakness. It’s so easy, especially working out at home to just do things you like and overlook the things you don’t like. I’d squat all the time and have done so in the past!

The good mornings felt decent enough at 75 pounds. Last week I’d skipped those feeling way off balance from a stuffiness in my head from all of the pollen. It’s still stuffy but I’m no longer feeling off. I probably could have done the good mornings last week but I didn’t want to risk any weird twisting from feeling off balance. I use this phrase often, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” and I think it really applied to last week’s situation. I skipped the pull ups for now planning on doing a WOD with them in it later on today. I said that last time too but the I never followed up on it and did a WOD.

I ate something for lunch after the strength and did some yard stuff and generally relaxed for a while. I drank a shit ton of water.

Mid afternoon I decided it’s time to stop being lazy. Today’s WOD was I think 5 rounds of 10 pull ups, 20 air squats and run 200 meters. I did the WOD. I was slightly disappointing in my time but I didn’t really push it either. It was hot out this afternoon but thankfully much drier and less humid than the past several days. I’d say it was still pushing 90℉. The 200 meter run was technically over 200 meters when accounting for going through the entire back yard from the garage and the tree roots and random holes in the ground certainly slowed me down with that and not to mention my eyes trying to adjust from the bright sun outside to the somewhat darker garage. The important thing is I got a pretty good workout in. The pull ups are getting easier again as I’m losing weight and getting stronger at them.