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Simple But Good Partner WOD Today.

Last night was some of the worst sleep I’ve had in a long time. To start things off, we had other things to do, so we got pizza for supper instead of going to Joy’s. Two cousins, the place where we normally go for takeout pizza at the drive-through was closed for some reason, so we had to find someplace else to get it. By the time we got home with the pizza, it was nearly 9:00 PM. We’re both accustomed to eating dinner much earlier. Eating late tends to keep me awake. The pizza was much heavier than we’re used to for pizza, too, and I ate the same four slices that I normally do.

It was a case of my stomach churning, and I just wasn’t able to get comfortable.

The other thing is that it was warm but very humid. It felt cool enough that we didn’t need the air conditioner, so we never turned it on. I tried to tolerate it, but I just felt like I laid in bed sweating all night. On the plus side, it was nice hearing the katydids outside, along with crickets and other nighttime critters. I slept but kept waking up.

This morning I woke up around 4:00 AM or so, just too hot to sleep. It was too late to turn the air on, so I just got up. I smelled the coffee too. Between going to the grocery store and Molly having to run around and do some things, I did some tweaking on my templates for Zola. At least that was fun!

With the Street Parking challenge that we’re doing, we had to do a partner WOD this week. I’m not a huge fan of gimmicky partner WODs like they did with the squad summer thing. There’s no need to complicate a WOD with synchro this and synchro that bullshit. That ranks up there with punishments in WODs for dropping the wall ball and such. We were so exhausted we just wanted a simple and effective WOD.

While Molly was doing her stuff, I found an old partner WOD that was just you go, I go burpees and air squats. Simple and effective, and it didn’t matter at all how out of it I fell. burpees are basically just falling to the floor and getting back up. I started the workout a little more slowly than I normally would have. I was dead tired. Crash and burn is not how I wanted to approach this or any WOD today. As I got moving and started feeling better, I did bump up the intensity after a few rounds, especially when I was halfway done with my work. The WOD sure enough, got my heart rate up. It serves as a reminder that a good workout doesn’t have to be complicated or heavy. It’s more about just moving. The WOD really was a good one and served its purpose very well. It went right along with what today called for.

As much as I don’t like partner workouts and the gimmicks of them, I love doing workouts with my partner. We don’t even have to be doing the same WOD. It’s just great to work out together.

Music today was Obscura