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Quick Little WOD That Left Me Thinking What The Fuck Just Hit Me

Sometimes when you look at a WOD write up you just look at it and think it’s not going to be that bad. Sometimes that’s a correct assessment of the situation but other times it couldn’t be more wrong. Usually the ones that don’t look too bad are ones with movements that you are comfortable with cycling quickly. The thing is the faster you can go the more intensity you can have which is a real killer.

The WOD I did today was one of those “oh shit!” WODS. It was just 20 sandbag power cleans and 30 back squats. The catch is you had to do each movement unbroken or run 100 meters if you do break. I didn’t run. It’s too hot to run. The back yard is too much of a mess to run. Finally I hate running so fuck running. You were allowed to rest between movements as needed at least. I went all unbroken with my 50 pound sandbag and felt great until that last round keeping the rest to a minimum between each movement.

I could have actually gone faster I think if I were used to the new pebbles in my sandbag. The new filler that Brute Force had sent me split at the seem again. I’m not going to bother right now contacting them because I’m wondering if there wasn’t something sharp mixed in with my gravel. I’d’ reused the old stuff in the new filler and that tore within a couple of months. The new stuff distributes the weight slightly differently as would always be the case and today’s WOD was my first one using it. We filled it last evening.

It was a good WOD and a good day for working out for me.

Music for the WOD was After Forever