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Deadlifts Felt Great Then Got A Longer WOD in

Last night, I got a good night’s sleep. I can say I don’t feel like I was ready to wake up when I woke up. As she typically does, the idiot next door was letting her door slam over and over again. She does it every single time she opens it. I’ve counted ten to fifteen times in a minute more than once. Regardless, I was awake then and could smell the coffee, so that meant it was time to get up.

I drank my coffee as I was catching up on the news and stuff. I was eager to get to my deadlifts. The morning being a fairly mild and bright, sunny one certainly helped me want to get moving.

About nine o clock or so this morning, I figured it was late enough that I wouldn’t disturb people too much. Unlike others around here, I do have common courtesy. I got changed and headed off into the garage to get started.

While warming up, the deadlifts themselves were feeling excellent to me. One thing that I did notice was that some calluses on my finger were a little thicker and dryer than I like, but it wasn’t too much of a detriment to my lifts. I was enjoying myself lifting and just feeling good about it. I can add today to the recent string of days when I was just feeling good out in the garage. Seeing the sun come in the window helped too, and now it’s at a higher angle, so it’s not blinding me. The working sets of deadlifts felt progressively better to me. The final AMRAP set was a moderate two hundred and fifty pounds and felt great for me today. I wound up making an easy seven reps before I felt a slight pulling at my calluses. I think the biggest problem is I dried them out getting a shower this morning.

I relaxed a bit, then started to think about what sort of WOD I wanted to do. Today’s main WOD won’t work for me unless I heavily scale it, only due to our equipment and setup. I would rather not do SHIFT and scale it today. I’ll save that for another day. What I wanted today was a nice, tough and longer WOD that was more like a burner. That’s just what I was wanting. Luckily, I have some good ones that I have on my favorites list.

There’s one that I’ve done several times when I wanted a straightforward but longer and mentally challenging WOD. It’s twenty-five, twenty continuing down to five squats with in today’s case a 30 calorie bike right after the squats then a minute of rest. When I did it with the rower, I used the extra challenge weight and got in at the lower end of the goal. The bike for me is still a different story. It’s getting better, but I’m unable to maintain and push quite as well as I can rowing yet. I’ll get there with time. The first time I did it with the bike, I used my fifty pound sandbag and missed the goal by about a minute and a half.

Today I went with a hundred and fifteen pound bar for my squats. That is more challenging than the sandbag. My squats aren’t the limiting factor on this. I did consider going extra challenge weight, but I wanted to see how this went with the bike. The sets of squats were all unbroken. Sure, I took a few breaths between reps at times but never racked the bar, so I consider that unbroken. Hopping on the bike after the squats was certainly interesting. Walking up the few steps to go into the house to the bike was exciting before the final bike. I missed the step.

It felt great to do this WOD and get my heart rate very high and maintain a very high pulse. It’s also good to get some longer ones in. While I missed the goal today by about three minutes, I got the same stimulus and got one hell of a workout in. I’ll get there with pacing the bike, it’s just going to take time.

Music for today was Demilich