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Double WODs Today

We went to Joy’s last night and I drank a little more than I usually do. I had three instead of two, so not a lot. That normally makes me sleep poorly, but it got out of my system pretty quickly last night for one reason or another, and I slept pretty good.

I woke up feeling energetic this morning and felt even better after we got the annoyance of grocery shopping done.

We did a WOD together early in the afternoon. The shift version of the one I did yesterday with just push-ups, air squats and kettle bell swings in it and I finished that WOD well short of the time goal. The swings are one of those things I can just embrace and do easily. The push-ups were only six at a time, so they went easily unbroken for me again. It really, really is very helpful that my arm/shoulder seems to be better with these.

Later on in the evening after the street parking vault announcement, I did that WOD too, so I could record it and not have to think about it for the rest of the week. It as just atlas lunges (very fun!) and in my case knees to elbows on the bar. I could probably easily do toes to bar now that I’ve figured out kipping, but our bar is too low for that. I have to keep my knees bent and even then, my feet may just graze the floor at times. With toes to bar, I just don’t feel like I would have enough time to right myself if I should happen to slip off the bar. I never did that except once when I jumped up to one that was too high and never got a good grip on it, but I still like to be careful. Oh well I still got an excellent sprint workout out of it. I even held back a little on the lunges, thinking ahead to my heavy deadlifts that I have to do tomorrow.

I’ve been feeling so much better lately. I had been in a funk where I was feeling tired and a bit rundown, but that seems to have resolved itself now. Maybe I had a case of the holiday funk. I fell full of energy now and have been able to do WODs with more intensity than I was able to do in January. I was still doing WODs then, of course, but there seemed to be a lot more of the “I’m just doing this for some movement today” type of WODS last month.