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Today's WOD Felt Like I Was In Slow Motion

Today I woke up feeling really good. I slept well last night, maybe not quite long enough but I slept good when I did and felt as if I had a good night’s sleep.

We went for a walk this morning and it was a fairly nice walk with little traffic to blind me with the cars’ headlights. The temperature was in the mid 40s or so with no wind. It was very humid though. By the time we got a half mile or so into our walk I was starting to think I maybe should have left my jacket at home. I felt pretty sweaty. I did notice my legs were feeling like they just didn’t want to go.

This morning after I finished my coffee and stuff I decided to go ahead and do today’s WOD. I knew it wasn’t one I’d do that well at but a workout is a workout. The rowing really felt bad today as if my legs didn’t want to push. I fought through it and the pull ups felt even worse. The pushups actually felt better than I expected but I broke them up earlier than I normally would have.

The thrusters that I did in place of the wall balls were what really surprised me though. They were a real fight with my legs burning out so quickly and my heart rate jumping so high so fast. I only used the two 25 dumbbells and had to break them up in to fairly small sets of six to eight at a time. My legs just didn’t want to do the work. I found it to be a pretty odd feeling because there’s times where I’d easily get through the set of 36 unbroken even. I blame it on the heavy squats and 10 thousand or so meter row yesterday and the heavy 20 rep back squats the day before. I think it’s just catching up with me a bit.

Even my brain felt like it was running a bit in slow motion today too though. Last time I felt like that was when my thyroid levels were way off when I didn’t have the pills. This was different though. It wasn’t a brain fog. It was just feeling like time was slower.

I did the WOD though and felt good after I completed it. I wasn’t that far off from the goal times so that was a nice little surprise. I went into the WOD today knowing that it was a just move sort of day. It wasn’t going to be a great one and even on a good day it’s one that I’d be a bit slower at with my choice to do strict pull ups instead of kipping and the fact that push ups burn me out pretty quickly. Some days will be like this.

Today’s music was Cryptopsy