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Raging Appetite The Day After Deadlift WODS

If there is one thing that I can always count on after doing a WOD with either heavy or high rep deadlifts it’s the unsatisfied raging appetite. No amount of food seems to fill me up and no type of food does. My stomach just growls and growls.

The WOD it self was 30 deadlifts and 20 burpee pull ups, three rounds of them for time. I chose the RX weight on the lower end at 165. I had hoped to do the RX+ weight at 205 and don’t doubt I could do that weight but yesterday I wasn’t feeling it. The warm up lifts just felt a bit slow and not as smooth as I would have liked and knowing that I had to do 90 reps in big sets I saw no need to risk it. You have to know when to push it and when to pull back a bit. Either way I knew I’d get a good workout in.

The WOD was fun albeit a bit slower than I would have liked. I opted for small sets on both movements with a quick breath or two between each set to pick away and them. My rounds were a little over 5 minutes a piece on this day. Not what I’d hoped for but I got through it and felt pretty good afterwords and don’t feel that I left the deadlifts get too sloppy. Fucking up my back wouldn’t fit into my fitness goals too well.

The burpee pull ups weren’t too bad. More manageable than last time I did them but slower than they should be. I don’t have the ideal setup here for them though. The space is a bit tight and the pull up bar isn’t as high as I would like but It’s better than nothing and something I can definitely work with. To be fair my grip was going to start to fail me in this type of grip intensive WOD regardless.