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Two Squats At 285 Even Feeling Stiff

I did not sleep that well or enough last night. I was really wound up from going to the Phillies game after the sweep. We got home pretty late, too, so we ate late. The game was great.

I was also feeling pretty stiff this morning, but not quite as bad as yesterday. Between the train ride to and from Philly and the game, I did a lot more sitting than I am used to doing.

I skipped it yesterday too, breaking my seven days a week since early November. I could have done one in the morning before we left, but I figured I would skip it. We would be doing plenty of walking around in Philly. We had time, but not tons of time, so I was avoiding having to get a shower before walking to the train station.

I woke up and drank my coffee. My girlfriend had off today, and we’d been planning on getting out geocaching, but it was cloudy this morning, and that lingered. I eventually figured out that we wouldn’t be going, so I got changed and decided to give my squats a try.

With all that sitting, I was feeling pretty stiff, so I was not too sure how the squats would go, but I figured I could at least give them a try. I was mentally prepared to stop and had no plans to be too aggressive.

Once I got under the bar, I realized that the squats should go fine today. I did feel slightly off, but the squats felt pretty manageable. As the weight increased, they felt better. I guess it stretched my hips a bit too.

The final working set for today was the one plus AMRAP at two hundred and eighty five pounds. I had felt pretty good with the lighter sets, so I decided to go for it and stop at one rep today. As things turned out, the first rep felt so great that I went for a second at this weight and made it. I got slightly uneven on it, but it felt good for a heavier rep on a day that I wasn’t feeling it.

I never ended up doing an actual WOD today. At times, I was thinking of doing a WOD, but we went out to eat, and I was too full. The steak just sat heavier than normal in my stomach. Time just got away from me. I was happy with just the heavy squats, though. That was more than I thought I’d get in today. It was just a great day for me. I am sure being somewhat dehydrated from yesterday is a factor. I drank lots of water when we got home, but not so much at the game. The warm sun had me sweating a bit too.

Music today was Elf