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Did My First WOD Since Sunday I think

I can’t deny it. Honestly this week at least WOD wise I’ve been sort of lazy. Part of it was the heat and humidity this week. I’m getting more used to it but it will take time. We just haven’t had any this week. Even if it weren’t for the heat I’m okay with having a few days here and there where I’m somewhat lazy. Well I’m okay with it as long it doesn’t become a pattern but I can’t say I can really imagine that happening since I do love to work out and push myself.

Another thing that has deterred me from the WODS this week is moving a bunch of pavers. I did do my strength this week. Just not any WODS.

Today I decided it was time to stop being lazy and do at least one of the WODS from earlier in the week. I had decided between two of them. I planned originally on the running one but as I was moving the stuff around the garage gym I heard distant thunder. so I decided against trying to squeeze that WOD in as I knew we were going to either get just missed or cache the edge of the storm.

I instead opted for the one that was 8 rounds of 10 sandbag thrusters and 8 burpees over the sandbag. The first round in I realized it was fucking hot so I took the slower and steady approach for the first seven rounds. The burpees over an object are always quite annoying to me. To me it ranks up there with one of the dumber ideas in the Crossfit type of workouts. The sweat in my eyes blurring my vision an the somewhat of a tight space to do the lateral burpees significantly slowed me down today. My feet were slipping on the sweaty floor and I didn’t really have any great ambition to do a head plant into the wall or a face plant into the rower.

I was just pouring sweat with the high dew point and relative humidity. from the very beginning. The fan really wasn’t of all that much help but I fought my way through it. Really from the get go I could just feel myself radiating heat. I did manage to go all unbroken on the sets of thrusters. That’s not really a surprise to me and wouldn’t be to anyone who knows me. Thrusters are one of those exercises that I love to do and for some unknown reason I am fairly efficient a them. I did have a couple of bad reps mixed in from my foot slightly slipping on the slippery and wet floor from my dripping. The last round, of course I went all out. I don’t doubt I could have done better, probably much better if the weather was more cooperative.

I went and died for a few minutes out on the patio chair as the breeze was picking up from the thunderstorm passing by just to our south. I just felt my body radiating heat for quite a while after that WOD. I just couldn’t really cool off.