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Back At The Twenty Rep Front Squats

I started at the weekly 20 rep front squats a few weeks ago at 95 pounds after finally failing at the back squats. With the back squats I got a lot further along that I anticipated I would. I’m hoping I hit body weight with the front squats too and it’s certainly possible. Once I got the mobility for front squats I’ve been able to hit a high percentage of my back squats max. Front squats has always been 90% of back squats or maybe a little higher at times depending on what I’ve been working on more often.

Last week I had skipped over the front squats as my hamstring was a bit tight from either stepping wrong off a step or stepping on a stick out on the patio and my foot went out from underneath me. I still did the WODS and my starting strength but just skipped over the front squats then and as the days went on it got better after the know released. I just decided to take an easier few days on it.

Today After getting through my rather light back squats for starting strength I decided since it’s only 125 pounds I’d give the front squats a shot. They felt really good and looked good from the video. Once the weight gets up there a bit more I’ll be able to keep slightly better positions too or at least that’s been my experience in the past.

The deadlifts at 255 today felt really, really good today. Very explosive and felt almost like a cleanable weight. I was happy with them. Granted it’s not heavy yet but I’ve never been all that strong in deadlifts. My back would lose position and I’d abort.

The WOD was interesting for sure. It was a repeat of one I did in early January. 5 rounds that you have some amount of work to do and the rest of the time is rest until the next 5 minute interval. I did the exact thing I did in January except a few seconds shorter. Every round was a few seconds shorter including the last one where, again, I tripped up on the jump rope a few times and caused me to be 30 seconds slower than the other 4 rounds. The first 4 rounds were a full sprint for just under two minutes then 3 minutes to recover for the next one. I could definitely shave time off if I brought the sandbag outside instead of having to go in and out between movements but it was too windy and chilly for that today.