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Felt Good To Get Back To My Squats

The other day, while I was raking the leaves, I screwed up my hand. I was loading the leaves into an old plastic bin that we have outside to move them to the backyard for the vacuum truck to pick up. We normally use the bin for garden scraps or whatever else to take to the composting facility to drop off.

The thing that I didn’t know until it was too late is that the top of the bin had at least one crack in it on the edge of it. It just happens that when I dumped a load of leaves into a pile, the crack opened enough to pinch the callused skin on my palm at the base of my finger. As I was trying to remove it, it was hanging by the skin, and I could feel the plastic digging its way through. I don’t know if it ripped or dug through, but I wound up with a half-inch or so hole there. It looked pretty deep. Before I saw it, I felt the hole. It hurt quite a bit, but there was hardly any blood.

Over the next couple of days, since I thought it would be best to not lift heavy or really use my hands, I delayed getting started on my strength training until the wound dried up. I did do some WODS that were just body-weight types of workouts, at least ones that didn’t require my hands. Hello, lunges and step-ups! Yesterday, it was dried up but still felt pretty sensitive.

This morning, it was hardly noticeable at all. I noticed that, it didn’t feel sensitive at all. The only time I felt it was when I put too much pressure on it. I woke up feeling great, too, so I decided I would give my squats a shot today. I was resetting the cycle anyway, since I just did a max about a week ago. The weight will be back up in a few cycles.

The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t bothering me to hold the bar when I was doing a few squats with the empty bar. It’s right where my hand wraps around the bar, so I wasn’t sure if it would bug me, but it was fine. It still felt good as I slowly added weight to my sets. I don’t know how I managed to miss one of the programmed warm-up sets, but I did miss the second one. It felt like I was missing something, but somehow I missed that set the two times I double-checked the app.

The last AMRAP set was five plus reps at a modest two hundred and forty pounds. They felt easy and super explosive. I stopped at six reps completed but I know I had plenty more in the tank. That last rep I felt it started to pull a little on my torn skin. I knew it was inevitable for that to happen and knew that I’d stop at that point. It was more about doing something today.

In the grand scheme of things, I’d get more out of taking it easy right now and letting it heal, instead of reopening it and delaying the healing process. I should be good to go back to my normal WODs within a few days, as long as I don’t tear it back open again. The stupid things I do to myself every so often. I never tore my hand doing Crossfit. Only with that bin, and the other time was when the grandkids wanted me to do the monkey bars with them.

Music for the squats was Obscura