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Four Squats At 290 Today

I slept pretty well last night. Not enough since I was up until 11:30 or so and then woke up around 4:00 AM. When I was sleeping, I slept well, though. Even after drinking at Joy’s too! The only reason I woke up was hearing the wind howling woke me up.

I drank my coffee and enjoyed it. It was one of the ones from Love the Cook in Cape May. I caught up on some news while drinking it, since I had plenty of time to kill before I could get out into the garage.

I was really unsure about my squats this morning. My lats cramped on me last night while I was sitting on the couch, a bit awkwardly, talking to Molly. It was very short-lived and released when I moved, but it was still on my mind. Getting old stinks. I can lift all day, but sitting or lying wrong can piss off my body.

When I got started with my squats this morning, I knew they should be fine. That was about eight thirty or so when I went out into the garage. The bar felt excellent, as did the lighter sets. Some days, they feel tougher than others. Today was not one of those days.

The heavier working sets were the point when the squats really started feeling great, though. I knew then that it was going to be a great day. The bar was feeling light on my back, and the squats were feeling strong. The second set, at two hundred and sixty pounds, really felt outstanding for the set of three.

The final set, which was the AMRAP for three plus reps, was an intimidating two hundred and ninety pounds. The odd thing is, I wasn’t feeling intimidated by it in the least this morning. I took a nice, long rest before getting under it. As soon as I unracked the weight, I knew it was going to be good. It felt fairly light on my back, and I managed to be centered properly too! The first three reps had a lot of pop to them and felt more like a moderate weight set in my warm-up. The fourth rep I did wasn’t a grind, but it also wasn’t as fast. Half of the way that it felt was that I was getting fatigued by that point, and it was one of those reps when it feels like time is slowing to a halt. Molly said my form never broke and my back didn’t give.

The four reps I made at two hundred and ninety pounds were a lifetime record! I feel that I did have at least one more squat in me if I wanted to push it a little more.

Music squats was Annihilator

I drank my protein, then relaxed for a while. While I was recovering, I started looking for a WOD to do. I have zero interest in today’s.

A ladder of hang squat cleans and push presses. It’s one I’ve done a couple of times previously so I knew I’d get a good workout out of it. I went with the thirty five pounds this time and matched my score from last time exactly except that time I used the thirty pound dumbbells. I just finished the round of ten each with a few seconds to spare on the ten minute clock. I fcould have gotten in a few cleans but decided not to since my knee twinged a little on that last set.

Music for WOD was Acid Bath