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More Than Nothing WOD Turned Into A Pretty Good One Today

Last night, I ended up getting a great night’s sleep. We had eaten supper earlier, and I only had a glass of wine with my food. We also ate a little lighter. I only had a cheesesteak hoagie. All those things helped me sleep more deeply throughout the night.

I woke up feeling pretty good. I wanted to do a WOD this morning, but we had some things that we had to do later on in the morning. Getting super sweaty before going to do that stuff wasn’t at the top of my to do list. Her getting tires didn’t work out since they weren’t in yet, but we did get the groceries done. We were going to wait until this evening, but then I remembered that it was the weekend before Thanksgiving, so the store would be more of a clusterfuck as time went on. We got that done this afternoon.

When we got back to the house, I relaxed a bit and looked at the WODs. My hand is hardly feeling sensitive at all today. Given that I wanted a WOD that would involve the dumbbells, I was hoping to push the weight a little more than yesterday, along with a little more intensity while doing so.

I found an older workout that was a modest number of shoulder-to-overhead, then max rep air squats in the remaining time of the round. I went with the thirty-pound dumbbells for the WOD today to step up the pressure on my hand a bit and see how it felt. It’s still a light weight for me, but the handle of the dumbbell is thicker, so it would grind away at the torn palm of my hand a little more. That’s what I wanted to do to test things out. I went with mostly strict presses given the lightness, but I still jacked my heart rate up, and they were so explosive that the dumbbell still shifted in my hand at the top.

Typically, I would have gone with the forties or fifties, but that will come in time. I did favorite this WOD to do again. It’s simple and quick.

I took the air squats a little too conservatively in the first round. My knee has been bugging me. It feels like it needs to crack, and it did so partially last night, but it’s still feeling like it needs to crack more. I thought it was wise to hold back a little. The rest of the rounds, I bumped the intensity of them up since I felt okay.

The best part about the WOD today is that we were able to do the workout together. We did that too. It’s always a great day when we can and do get out into the garage together. It was interesting how we take different approaches to our squats. I do more of a very fast burst of ten or so seconds, then shake out a couple of seconds, while Molly does a more slow and steady type of approach. She does not go slow, as in too slow. Just a more measured approach. It was nice and sunny outside, so we went out on the patio for a few minutes to cool off when we were done. It didn’t last long with the breeze, a temperature in the lower fifties, and sweat.

Music for today was Savatage.