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An Hour Of Burpees

A few days ago, Street Parking released a four WOD program that were atypical for their programming. It has four workouts that are an hour long and are just the same simple thing.

Three out of the four were ones that I really want to try. They all look like a mental challenge to get through in addition to the physical challenge.

I decided to get started today. The one I began with was the one that was an hour of burpees. Since I have such a disdain for burpees, I thought that would be the best one to start with. It would be plenty mental to keep moving. Fall down and get right back up, right?

I did it today and finished it. I only had a mere three hundred and thirty-three, since I was moving slower than normal to not anger my wrist too much. The WOD isn’t even supposed to have a score, but I kept count jut for my curiosity. I would shake out my hand a second or two after every rep or two and take a second to make sure it “felt” fine. It’d be no use to me to really aggravate it. I guess in a way that only added to the mental aspect, and after watching the video where they talked about it, I think that’s really the goal.

A lot of the time during the WOD I was thinking of an old Crossfit WOD that I did, scaled to my fitness level. That was the Fortitude WOD. I’d try it again here, rowing for calories wasn’t such a visual pain for me.

It is always a good thing to mix up the things that I do for fitness, and that’s exactly how I treated this. It felt great when I accomplished the WOD. Of course, It didn’t feel great while doing it, though. A lot of that time was spent just thinking that I can do one more rep.

It was similar to when I decided to row a half a marathon a couple of times. Before that I was doing ten thousand meters which was still much longer than our typical WODs.

My music today was Edge Of Sanity